Halogen Bulbs

Popular Quarts-Halogen Bulbs for Automotive Lighting

Halogen tungsten filament bulb is referred to as Halogen bulb, because of quarts tube used to seal thefilament and halogen gas when it was developed. It was replaced by synthetic heat resistant glass (silica) later, but the bulb is still referred to as Halogen bulb, or simply Halogen bulb. When you convert headlights from Halogen bulb to Xenon HID bulbs, you first need to find the type of Halogen bulb currently used. Following images are most popular Quarts bulbs currently used for automobile lighting application in the market. It is, however, always recommended to double check other reliable sources to make it sure, like following site:

More Halogen bulb for Automotive Lighting Images below are more variety of Halogen bulb for automotive lighting application.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Japanese BLITZ 9006 55W 4000K

Japanese BLITZ 9006 55W 4000K

100% Japanese BLITZ halogen bulbs, Bulbs color:2000K (Red), 3000K (yellow), 4000K (white) Bulbs size :9005 9006 H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 ●特徴●...

Max: 2000